Recruiting Marshals for TMP Event 1, June 10 2017!

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Photo Credit: Richard Coburn and MMS

Event 1 at TMP, Marshals Needed June 10 2017!

Event 1 is coming soon! So, there are some things that need to happen, and some information to share.

1. Registration

If you haven’t already registered, please do so now! We’re already filling up, and I expect the remaining spots will go quickly. Registration is accomplished using Motorsport Reg. Link follows:

If you don’t have an account with MS Reg, it’s easy to set one up, and you’ll use that account for all future registrations. If you don’t have all the necessary information to hand (like car classification, for instance), don’t worry, you can edit your account anytime to add or modify your profile. What we do need is your registration, so we know who is coming!


2. We need corner marshals (and we have a deal for you!)

This is the job: We don’t have MMS at this event, so we’ve decided to do our marshalling on our own. We need at least three volunteers to act as corner marshals, preferably six. Those with prior OTA competition experience will be very welcome, as we’ll need the marshals to be judges of fact during competition runs to make the call on whether a competitor goes two wheels off. You’ll be busy during competition runs between 1PM and 5PM, and you will need to be present at the drivers’ meetings. We’re running three sessions, and we’ll try to manage the schedule so there’s a break.

Here’s the deal: Come out, and you get either: morning lapping or, if you choose not to lap, a stipend of $100. Your choice. I’ll just need to know in advance.

How to sign up: Please send me a PM on the CASC Forums, or an email at ontariotimeattack [AT] gmail [DOT] com. First come, first served!


3. Supplemental Regulations

The supplemental regulations for this event are ready, and are posted on our website.


  1. Update (or enter) your car classification

If you are going to run the ipax classes, then please update your car classification using the car classification database:

If you are running RTC classes, all we need from you is your declaration of the class your car conforms to.  RTC car classifications are set out in Section 7 of the Rulebook.

I’m really looking forward to starting the season with a great event. Register now, if you haven’t already to avoid disappointment. Four weeks to go!

Gary V

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Photo Credit: Richard Coburn and