Overtake The Apex – Event #4 – Qualifying Details

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As some of you already know, Ontario Time Attack is hosting an eRacing series called “Overtake The Apex” weekly on Thursdays at 8pm EST using Assetto Corsa on the PC platform. The main event race is streamed LIVE on YouTube with full on commentary!

For those of you who will be attempting to race with us, qualifying opens at noon on our practice server! You will have 12 hours to set a hot lap to qualify for our event 4 main grid, 21 spots will be available to the top time setters when the clock hits midnight. Unlike last week, we will not have a 12/10 split 2 day qualifying so good luck everyone! The next 24 finishers (lap time 22-56) will be participating in the fun consolation race on the same day, starting at 6:30PM.

For all the links to the server, Live Stream details, Discord (voice app) and other details, check us out at: https://linktr.ee/ontariotimeattack