OTA Partners with E46 Reviews, PADA and JRP to Produce a New Video Series

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The new partnership will follow Thomas H. Dickson of E46 Reviews as he makes the transition from lapping to stretching his abilities in competition with his 2003 BMW 325i in Ontario Time Attack.

Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy will continue coaching Thomas to refine his performance driving skills.  JRP is assisting with a hoist and  installation bay, as well as being the advisor and vendor of his safety equipment.  Thomas has chosen OTA for his foray into competition due to the series’ focus on maximum Time Attack track time, value and safety; all at premium Ontario tracks.

The series will focus on getting into Time Attack on a budget but with a well thought-out build.  We’ve seen an E36 328i fare really well in Corey Whiteman’s hands. Will Thomas and his E46 make ground towards the same success?  Subscribe and follow along for the next five episodes as he continues vehicle preparation in advance of the season.