OTA Group Buy #2 – Brake Pads and Rotors!

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Thanks to long time OTA supporter and sponsor, Frank Ewald from Ewald Performance and Luke Lay from XIII Motorsports, we now have our second group buy just in time for the season to start!

Obviously with the array of potential vehicles and there combinations of rotors and pads, we’ll need to gather information from interested parties before we can execute.

What’s available: All G-Loc compounds, StopTech Slotted Sport, Akebono Premium blanks
Timeframe: March 29 – April 12
Cost: Upon hitting group buy goals, up to 25% off for G-Loc and 20% off Stoptech
Participation: bit.ly/2022BrakeBuy

– Two (2) G-Loc buy one axle get one axle free coupons will be raffled off to all group buy participants
– 20% labour off brake install coupon when you bring the group buy receipts to XIIIMotorsports

We’ve gathered sample pricing for a 2013 Scion FRS for an example of potential savings. To join in on this group buy, click on the link HERE (includes sample pricing).