Corbeau Issues Recall Notice for Specific 5-Point Camlock Harnesses

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Safety & Recall Notice

To All Distributors & Consumers 4/28/17
Corbeau USA, LLC 5-Point Camlock Harness Belt Recall
(53001B, 53007B, 53009B)
TO: All Corbeau USA, LLC Dealers, and Consumers
FROM: Corbeau USA, LLC, Bluffdale, UT, USA

Corbeau USA, LLC has recently discovered a potential safety issue with its 5-Point
Camlock Harness Belts. We have reason to believe that on a small percentage of belts,
the right lap insert tab had the hole drilled off center by a 1/16th of an inch, causing the
lock pin inside the camlock dial to not lock properly. This could potentially cause the right
lap belt to come unlocked from the camlock dial under minimal stress.
Corbeau USA, LLC is voluntarily recalling 5-Point camlock harness belts with part numbers
53001B, 53007B, and 53009B purchased between 4/01/16 and 4/24/17. These would
have stamp dates between May 2016 and May 2017. In other words, all belts with SFI
stamp dates from May 2016 to June 2017 are being recalled. This does not include any
belts purchased after 4/24/17. We are certain this only applies to a very small percentage
of these belts but at the same time also want to be certain that all belts in the field are
free from this defect. The problem was found during testing with the SFI foundation. This
recall ONLY applies to 5-Point camlock harness belts. While we are certain this only
applies to a small percentage of belts, we ask that you please contact us immediately to
return your belts so there are no doubts that your belts are free from defect.

North American Consumer Instructions:

STOP using your 5-Point camlock harness belt immediately and call Corbeau customer
service at 801-255-3737 or email to receive a return authorization
number for your harness belt. We will need to know when and where your harness belt
was purchased and how much you paid. Corbeau USA, LLC will pay to have your belt
returned and it will either be fixed or a new belt will be sent out immediately. All shipping
costs will be handled by Corbeau USA, LLC. Please call customer service at 801-255-3737
should you have any questions or concerns.

North America Dealer Instructions:

Corbeau 5-Point camlock harness belts purchased and or sold between 3/1/16 and
4/24/17 need to be returned for inspection immediately. If you have not already spoken
with a representative from Corbeau USA, LLC, please call us immediately at 801-255-
3737 to review how many belts you sold and how to best inform your customers. We are
happy to call customers direct to inform them of the recall process.