2021 Automoves OTA Season Rule Book

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Just in time for your stocking stuffers, the fine folks with the Ontario Time Attack organizing committee have just finalized the draft of the 2021 rules! We have considered all the feedback from the Competitors’ Meeting held earlier in the month and pushed out the 2021 rulebook in record time!

Here are some key changes (but not all) made for the 2021 season:

  • Classes have be re-organized to a range of 10 PI and renamed to prevent confusion from previous classes
  • Alignment rule wording has been clarified to better elaborate based on the spirit of the rule
  • Bumper skin removal has been clarified based on the spirit of the rule
  • Street tires need to be minimum 200 treadwear to maximum of 249

There have been other minor changes as well but those are the key notes!

Stay safe folks and have a Merry Christmas / Kwanzaa / Holiday to everyone!