2016 Ontario Time Attack Season Arrives!

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Our 2016 Season is almost ready to go with new lower prices per event and a smaller more manageable schedule. We want to make it easy and more economical for you to participate with all of the fun and excitement of last year! Please be sure to visit the stickies in our forum pages to learn more as we continue to build this new site.

We also have a few new announcements about licensing and a possible new sub-series to attract more drivers to our events. Stay tuned for more!

One thing we won’t discount in our 2016 OTA season is safety. Always a full complement of marshals, the best insurance available in motorsports in Ontario. Professional medical services including ambulance, professional towing services and professional fire and safety equipment and personnel. We even have extrication equipment.

We want you to keep coming back with confidence!

You’ll get the best pricing for the season if you show up at the April 2nd Open House at JRP! Expect across the board discounts, plus special sales on SA2015 Helmets! Safety, Performance, Maintenance Items, Style… JRP Has it all!